I had a really tough time getting through this book since at the start I did not know it was geared towards YA and I think females in particular. There are tropes, love at first sight, and lots of self pity. If you do enjoy YA you might like think book though. There is graphic scenes and a lot of foul language. If you like YA stop reading the review here since I want to rant about some things I really did not enjoy in the book.

The characters are supposed to be older and more mature, but the way one of the uses foul language is just not believable to me. I know he is supposed to be a military vet, but his mannerisms is like a new recruit that thinks swearing at people is the best way to get his point across. I just do not understand why these older characters act and speak the way they do. Also they are really overpowered. I mean I understand that some of us nerds like martial arts, but them being pretty much really smart, nerdy, and experts in martial arts is a lot. They are able to handle the world much better from the second they are in it than anyone. Now it comes to the bad guys. They are like 100% evil. You hear their horrid thoughts and just can not even see them as human. I am talking about actual human villagers too. I understand there are people like this, but usually a villain has to have some humanity. It is just stupid how evil these two people are. Then there is the over the top violence and vengeance. Feelings are always over 9000. I really did not enjoy the book and can not recommend it.