Would you consider the audio edition of Luck Stat Strategy to be better than the print version?
They are both good. I like audible, because I tend to rush through sometimes and miss some of the plot. I like listening to the audible after reading, if it is a good story.
What did you like best about this story?
The recent explosion of LitRPG stories seem to have an overabundance of stories where the main character becomes godlike with out any mistakes along the way.
Too many times just tripping over the super powers.
I liked that the Main Character had to deal with others and the story just wasn;t about the Main Character.
What about Jeff Hays’s performance did you like?
I have enjoyed several of jeff Hays’s performances. I enjoy the effort he puts into making the characters active without going over the top.
Any additional comments?
Tone down the echo effect for internal dialog.