Jack is a villain… make that a ‘Villain’. This book was good fun, full of pop-culture references, fast paced action, and sarcastic wit– almost too much sarcasm for my taste, but I am what the protagonist would call a ‘Hero”, after all. The narrator is a smooth talker, with a great voice that is an easy listen. This feels like the beginning of an epic series, the characters begging for more of their stories to be told. If you like fairy-tales, you would probably like this book. If you like treachery, you would probably enjoy this book quite a bit. But, if you like Villains (or anti-Heroes), you will probably love this book. It is set in alternate universes, where we find that the seemingly clear cut defined ‘Villain’ and ‘Hero’ roles may not be as clear cut after all. There is a tiny bit of romance and lots of funny moments, but there is a lot of villainous activity to be sure! I enjoyed it.
I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.